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Hofon Precise Motor Limited (Woshine Precise Machinery)

Hofon Precise Motor Limited (Woshine Precise Machinery) was founded in the year of 2002, to the establishment of the DC micro motor, small modulus gear motor, brushless motor research and development of the manufacture and sale of customer service professional firms.
Hofon products, specialized R & D and manufacturing in consumer electronics, toys, model aircraft, security, automotive electronics and electronic equipment, office equipment to streamline the development of important pieces of the main zero.
Hofon is more conductive to customer demand, with customers to design and develop new products,specifically in the refined products focused on the needs of customers, shorten the cycle of research and development under the precondition of, and continued to enhance customer satisfaction and productivity and to create a positive Hofon customers out of the trust.
We are committed to the Company's production of the motor and gear components with high quality and reasonable price, fast delivery and high satisfaction of marketing services around the world.
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Contact: Paco Zeng

Phone: +86-138 2524 6071

Tel: +86-755-8173 1811


Add: No. 4,Dong-Lian Ind.Park,JinSha Community,Keng-Zi Street,Ping-Shan Area,Shenzhen,China.

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